LIVE: TOUCHING STORY: 41y Old University Lecturer In Successful Operation for Colon Cancer…
23 September 2020
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By A Correspondent | A Great Zimbabwe University lecturer, who featured on ZimEye a few days ago has had a successful first operation for colon cancer.

Dr Farai Maunganidze’s organising team tells ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza, of the 41 year old lecturer who is being treated in Harare, the first operation has been successful.

“Thanking you Mkoma, the first Operation was successful and Dr Maunganidze is keeping well, I’m forever thankful for your assistance ?????? “, Mr Robert Gaza writes through.

The development has confirmed what the UK based Cancer Support Network advised the late activist Patson Dzamara, when he was panicking to fly out of the country as they told him he could easily be treated in Zimbabwe and the procedure is affordable. Mr Dzamara was at the time being advised by other people to go ahead with foreign travel plans, while being misled by some colleagues who made him believe a false allegation that the Cancer Support Network are herbalists. ZimEye battled to help Mr Dzamara against the Twitter activists and the human rights hero would unfortunately realise at the last minute only to apologise (audio recording). By that time however time had run out, and he passed on.

The Cancer Support Network was founded by healthcare professionals in Oncology who have deep insight and passion to serve the people of Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile scores of Zimbabweans have so far donated to Mr Maunganidze including the Ladies Of The UK organisation led by Flossy Kandodo.

He is now headed for the 2nd procedure. Those who wish to donate to his fund can do so on the following link…

Link to donate…