S.A. Human Rights Commission Takes Up Case Against Wedding Venue Which Denied Same Sex Couple To Use Its Facilities For Their Wedding
25 September 2020

JOHANNESBURG – A same-sex couple from Cape Town wants R2-million in damages for a charity of their choice after a wedding venue refused to host their wedding.

Last year, Beloftebos in Stanford denied Sasha-Lee Heekes and Megan Watling from hosting their wedding at the venue.

The SA Human Rights Commission has brought a case in the Equality Court, where the pair has also filed an intervening application.

“If we accept it in this sphere, it wouldn’t be long before we would have to accept it in other spheres.”

“If someone says they get away with it, others will say we can also refuse, and before long it will be restaurants, cafes, theatres, and hospitals,” said Watling.

The owners of the Stanford farm are hitting back by challenging the constitutionality of part of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act.

The farm owners insist they are not homophobic, and gay people are welcome to visit.

But for religious reasons, they draw the line at hosting same-sex weddings.

Source: eNCA