Cook Stumbles On Live Ammunition At Public Hospital
26 September 2020

By A Correspondent- Panic and fear struck staffers at a public hospital after a cook who was digging in the garden stumbled on live ammunition.

Upon hearing about the incident staff went into panic until a senior staff member stepped in and allayed any fears of danger.

A source at the hospital who asked not to be named said William Gwebu (50) who is employed as a cook at Hillside Premier Hospital was digging in the garden recently when he stumbled on an assortment of live ammunition.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior employee at the hospital said Gwebu rushed to a senior member’s office and informed him about the live ammunition.

“Gwebu was really shocked as he came to the offices to report that had unearthed live ammunition while he was digging in the garden,” said the source.

“After that staff members were informed about the incident and they panicked asking whether they were safe. But we assured them that the situation was under control,” said a source.

A source said their loss control supervisor handled the matter and reported the matter to Hillside Police Station.

“They went to the scene where a further digging was done and they discovered that there was more live ammunition with rust and agreed that this might have been left during the liberation struggle but one of the police officers said further investigations had to be done,” he said.

He said the army was informed of the find and they dug again and found more ammunition.

The source said army officers took the live ammunition which comprised of 21 x 7.62 mm live FN rounds,10 x 7.62 mm blank FN rounds,01 x 7.65 k-7 live round,02 x .75 live rounds, 02 x21/ 70 live round,02 x51/72 live round, 01x 7mm norma mag live round,01x 45 auto geco live round,01×70- 1FNM live round, 02 x FNM 77-14 blank round and 01 x u49 blank round.

The senior official said: “For security reasons Gwebu was informed not to tamper with the place because there might be more live ammunition.”

The recovered ammunition was handed over to the army bomb disposal engineers.