Mliswa Tears Into Captured ZACC
26 September 2020

By A Correspondent- Independent Member of Parliament for Norton constituency Temba Mliswa accused ZACC of being captured by Billy Rautenbach as the anti-graft has failed to act on grand corruption surrounding the Aspindale land scandal which has a potential to leave 30000 people homeless.

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and Special –Anti Corruption Unit (SACU) has been captured by Billy” Said Temba Mliswa.

The agitated Mliswa went on to allege that  the Minister of Local Government July Moyo, Minister of State Oliver Chidawu and Matanga from Zimbabwe Republic police for working in cahoots with Billy Rotenberg to evict genuine land owners  and cause social unrest in  Aspindale.

“How can we have confidence in a system where the people who are supposed to investigate corruption are part of it” added Mliswa.

The in-action by ZACC on the Aspindale land saga has raised more questions than answers among residents as available evidence in the public domain point out that cooperatives are the legitimate owners of the land.

Mliswa accused Billy Rautenbach for using fraudulent titled deeds in the name of Marimba Properties, a company that is non –existent at the Registrar of Companies.

CHRA calls upon ZACC to act on the Aspindale land saga as it has a potential to water down its work on acting against graft.