A Return To Legitimacy Is The Only Solution To Zim’s Deepening Crisis -President Chamisa
28 September 2020
Advocate Nelson Chamisa

Farai Dziva|President Nelson Chamisa has said change is imminent in Zimbabwe.

Addressing the MDC Alliance E-rally on Saturday, President Chamisa denounced the rampant abuse of human rights by Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration.

According to President Chamisa, a return to legitimacy is the only solution to the deepening crisis in Zimbabwe.

Below is part of President Chamisa’s speech:

Our course of action will be as follows.
Our Course of action is as follows;

(a) Calling national convergence and find consensus on the way to winning Zimbabwe for change with civic society, labour, the churches, students, the diaspora and the women’s movement. Everyone can play a part.

(b) Confront the regime and put pressure on the regime within the limits of section 59 of the Constitution to push the regime and to defend livelihoods.

(c) pursue a SMART agenda for delivery in this spaces we control particularly local authorities and parliament.

(d) Protect and defend the Constitution against any attempts in undemocratic unilateral attempts to amend the same.

(e) Engage the international community and other stakeholders in mitigating the massive humanitarian impact and ensuring the provision of social safety nets.

Fellow Zimbabweans, I can boldly state today that the hour of change is imminent. The past is now another country and I can see the bright shining lights of the Canaan ahead.

Lastly, fellow Zimbabweans, brace for the imminent change ahead. I humbly plead with you, my fellow citizens, to firmly and fondly embrace the change that is almost upon us.

Behold the NEW …
Behold the imminent moment!

The Walls of Jericho are about to fall. We will push them asunder. We choose to lead.

God Bless you,
God Bless Zimbabwe

God is in it !!!