Mamombe, Chimbiri and Marova were abducted by “secret-secret” agents of Mnangagwa
29 September 2020

By Nomazulu Thata | The torture and humiliation Hon. Joanne Mamombe is going through is just unbearable! No mother can cope with these degrading acts of cruelty, criminality by Zanu on a young innocent woman: Joanne Mamombe.

I appeal to fellow citizens of this great nation to stand by our young women at this dark hour of their lives. We have seen the video from the state mouthpiece ZBC, without shame, giving falsehood as to what transpired in their abductions. Why was the timing of the release of the video done during the visit of the South African delegation in Zimbabwe? Without knowledge of criminal investigations, that video is never to be believed: it is false and should be treated with disgust it deserves. The Zanu PF government should instead be ashamed to go so low as to subject young people into such audacious ordeals: torture, rape executed by their numerous secret service: they are many CIO organisations created by Mnangagwa just to confuse the army, police and judiciary.
We know this party Zanu PF during the liberation war from the Zambian side well enough. We know the notoriety of this party and its shenanigans. We know how their tribal purges within the Zanu party resulted in crimes unimagined by sensible brain faculties. We know in detail how they accused opponents falsely and those found “guilty” were executed in the brutality that is unimagined by good senses. Zanu has not stopped its brutality on its citizens. The government of Mnangagwa government are having separate structures that abduct citizens, torture them and then after, put all the blame on them again; they will tell all that they abducted themselves. What we need to do now is to stand by our young women: give them the emotional assistance wherever we are so that they do not lose their dignity.
These young women: Joanne Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova have been brave indeed. To survive those ordeal they were subjected to is no mean feat. We wonder still how they are going to live normal lives after those horrific experiences of abduction and torture. I do not need to repeat the stupidity and duplicitous video ZBC falsehood narrative that was indeed depressing and nauseating to those of us who know inherently criminal and thuggery of Zanu PF for decades: their criminal activities predate independence of 1980.
It is our responsibility as citizens especially mothers to give these girls: Joanne Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova hope and courage: they need our irrevocable embrace, empathy, comfort, and comfort.
We must never entertain Zanu PF criminality: we must remember always that Zanu can turn against you, anytime. Who has ever imagined that Marry Chiwenga would be thrown to the dogs when the powers that be thought and felt it was time for her to be discarded? We all saw how Marry danced at the inauguration of Mnangagwa after the coup, indeed “for the times they are changing.” Zanu is a party that has no values for humankind but puts those immediate friends and relatives as people, the rest we are disposables. These MDC-girls went to demonstrate against the government when they were abducted. Taking part in a demonstration is a threat to the existence of Zanu government. Torture and sexual assault is meant to silence them for the rest of their lives and never again demonstrate against Zanu, was their intention.
Coming back to who abducted these MDC-Alliance three girls: so many issues must be put into perspective here. We all remember how Pastor Evan Mawarire dupped us into believing that he was a genuine and formidable regime changer. It turned out that as a matter of fact the whole pastor was an arm of a notorious Gukurahundist: Mnangagwa. Pastor Mawarire has not come out in the open to dispute Jonathan Moyo’s revelation. We have Mashurugwis armed with Machetes, pestering the population in Midlands and Central Mashonaland: but it turned out that they were sponsored by Emmerson Mnangagwa. Recently we have soldiers that have been gunned down by unknown gunmen. It is not clear in police and army reports as to what is exactly going on in the army barracks. Slender reports are done try to appease and satisfying the anxious citizens: the truth remains hidden in the fine print disclaimer. It is open secret that not all is well in the ZNA army and the president.
Mnangagwa has a parallel CIO-structure operating unbeknown to the army, police, and Zanu PF members in party and government. Mnangagwa is duplicitous, criminal, murderous, thuggery. This secret structure abducts innocent citizens, are murdered in bushes secretly: the government does not know, are not privy; will not know this information about extra judiciary abductions because they are secretly done by CIOs only in the knowledge of Mnangagwa alone. This is how Itai Dzamara was abducted and he disappeared to the point of no return. We are yet to see people disappearing, incarcerated, brutalized, savagely beaten because Mnangagwa broods no opposition in Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa makes Ian Douglas Smith and Mugabe turn out angels, them compared to his brutality against citizens.
The Shona adage says: chisingaperi chinoshura! (Means everything has an ending) Who ever thought that Grace Mugabe will be history? She is a sad story to tell today. Indeed this Emmerson Mnangagwa will be dealt with by those young boys he teaches criminality, murder, and his thuggery practice. Whoever lives by the gun will die by the gun! So says Shakespeare in his famous English plays. These young men and women he is secretly conscripting will soon be sickened of killings and abductions of those whose offence is to demonstrate against a nation suffering from hunger and malnutrition, senseless brutality, and callous incompetence of his misrule.
We know how despots all over the world ended their long-term cruel rule: starting with Africa recently: Uganda’s Idi Amin, Zaire’s Mobutu Sese Seko, Sudan’s Omar al Bashir, Gadhafi of Libya: Mubarak of Egypt, Saddam Hussain of Iraq, Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania: the long, seemingly unending, it ended and nobody saw it coming but it happened. The thundering fall of all these despots should send a strong message to Mnangagwa that one day we shall be rid of him. We shall be rid of his mindless incompetence and cruelty and barbary of life.
Dictators often times have a false sense of strength just before they topple. Mnangagwa’s leaving the throne will be worse than all other despots because how do you run away leaving 42 children, a wife, concubines, numerous girlfriends behind him? Of the 42 children: the last one he sired with a Ndebele girl of 22 years old, two years ago: The offspring’s initials are ED: Ethan Dumisani Mnangagwa. I rest my case. However, the citizens, the people are terribly angry, and hungry. They will venge their anger at his offspring; mark my words.