We Possess Votes, Not Bullets -President Chamisa
30 September 2020
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Farai Dziva|President Nelson Chamisa has dismissed claims that the MDC Alliance is plotting to carry out acts of banditry.

On Monday State Security Minister, Owen Ncube accused the MDC Alliance and NGOs of plotting to remove Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa from power through unconstitutional means.

Responding to Ncube’s utterances, President Chamisa said:

“We must silence the guns in Africa. In the 2018 elections we got 2.6 m ballots (votes) not 2.6m bullets.

We carry ideas not guns. We bring ideas not weapons. Guns are not our language.

Peace is our language. Our language is ideas, disruptive technologies and thought leadership to transform our beautiful Zimbabwe!

We carry no swords, only words against dictatorship and bad governance in Zimbabwe.

Hatina bakatwa uya nemuseve tinofamba naJesu!”

President Chamisa