Address Issues Affecting Citizens, MDC Alliance Challenges Minister Owen Ncube
1 October 2020

Farai Dziva|The MDC Alliance has challenged State Security Minister Owen Ncube to stop lying to the nation and concentrate on resolving issues affecting ordinary citizens.

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Mdc Alliance Namibia is absolutely perplexed to hear the State Security Minister , Owen Ncube falsely accusing the People’s Party of plotting to topple Zanupf party unconstitutionally.

It is quite hypnotising to receive such news at this critical juncture when our leaders and members are at the mess of Zanupf-sponsored abductions, torture, arbitrary arrests, rape and gross abuse of human rights. We are clear that the Mdc Alliance amassed 2.6 million votes in 2018 harmonised elections. The issue of a stolen election is a priority in our fight for a people’s government.

Authoritarians continue robbing elections,repressing political opponents and staging coups.

We are a democratic party , we exploit constitutional mechanisms to challenge dictatorship and we don’t need arms of war.

The press conference by the State Security Minister is a reflection of security forces who value their own institutional interests and their participation in the politics of rhetoric and self-enrichment. The military and state security agents should not delve into national politics. Soldiers must be ultimately banned from political activities and rarely used to put down popular upheaval. Security forces have been dominant political players in Zimbabwe, they are closely networked into the ruling rogue regimes, illegally profiting from the corrupt system with impunity. This is a clear declaration of war to the people of Zimbabwe, social democrats who subscribe to Constitutional Democracy are being painted with horrible terrorist colours. The evil intention is to escalate terror on innocent citizens.

The false allegations epitomise Zanupf’s plan to crackdown on any voice of dissent. In Zimbabwe, the despotic Zanupf’s symbiotic interdependence with the military, the police and state security agents has suffocated social democrats from within and outside the regime who desire to reduce the security’s stinking corruption, economic decay and political influence.

As Mdc Alliance Namibia, we advocate for a security that contributes to democracy and harmony by putting down their arms or resist satanic orders to fire live ammunition against their own people. A repetition of the ugly and terrible shooting of innocent citizens on the 1st of August 2018 where at least seven citizens were butchered in the streets of Harare.

The same occurred in January 2019, when people expressed their discontentment with sky-rocketing prices of fuel and basic commodities in the country. At least 17 people lost their dear lives on account of politics with soldiers at the apex perpetrating violence on behalf of Zanupf.

In a nutshell, it is a lifetime dream to glance an independent national security sector where the democratic will of the people of Zimbabwe is a priority. It is imperative to promote and work diligently towards the establishment of security sector reforms democratising the police , the army and state security agents who are captured by an authoritarian regime.

Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya

Fearsome State Security Minister Owen “Mudha” Ncube