Munyaradzi Zizhou Wins Battle For Killer Zivhu Replacement
2 October 2020

Munyaradzi Zizhou won Chivi South Zanu PF hotly contested primary elections yesterday…

As 2014 MDC T Masvingo Provincial structure call for immediate extraordinary congress as per supreme court ruling.

1 October 2020

Wezhira Munya

Yesterday, Zanu PF held hotly contested primary elections in Chivi South.

The Chivi South primary election was necessitated after ZANU PF fired 2018 Chivi South member of parliament Mr Killer Zivhu.

Mr Killer Zivhu was fired from ZANU PF party after he called for a meeting between MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa and ZANU PF president Emmarson Mnangagwa.

Killer Zivhu argued that, Zanu PF led government has failed to solved economic crisis in Zimbabwe alone. There is need for MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa to assist in reviving Zimbabwe economy.

Below are the results:

HLAMBELO Rikios 80
MADUSISE Abson 202
MASOMERE Denis 165
MATUKA Peter. 44
MUTSAMBA Samson 923
SHINDI Enock. 971
VUTETE Mafios. 170
ZIZHOU Munyaradzi 1857

Zizhou Munyaradzi will contest by election with MDC Alliance candidate and others.

MDC Alliance party is yet to hold primary elections in Chivi South Constituency.

Political analyst Kimberely Tariro Mamhende said, “The hotly contested Zanu PF by election in Chivi South yesterday may cause Zanu PF to loss Chivi South to MDC Alliance party led by President Nelson Chamisa. In Chivi South there is highly level of factionalism after Killer Zivhu was expelled from Zanu PF after committing a sin of calling for talks between ZANU PF and MDC Alliance.”

Zivhu’s call for talks between President Chamisa and President Mnangagwa shows that ZANU PF needs helping hand in solving Zimbabwe’s crisis.

On another story, 2014 MDC T Masvingo youth structure support the great initiative by MDC T Harare youth led by fearless chairperson Mr Paul Goregore to restore legacy at Harvest House and in MDC T.

2014 Masvingo youth provincial chairperson Mr Chingini issued a statement on behalf of Masvingo youth, “We as 2014 MDC T Masvingo youth support the take over of Harvest House and call for unity in MDC.”

2014 MDC T Masvingo youth demand immediate extraordinary congress to elect president as per supreme court ruling.

In addition, 2014 Masvingo MDC youth district chairperson Mr Peacemaker “Mupositori” Mapope said, “We demand that Secretary General Mwonzora must immediately call for 2014 Standing commitee, National Excutive Council and National council. We want a clear road map to extraordinary congress.

Masvingo urban district youth organiser John Murairwa is mobilising Masvingo urban youth to visit SG Mwonzora with a pettion to convey Standing committee and other meetings urgently. “

In addition, MDC T 2014 provincial youth deputy Secretary Mr Kingsley Sibanda said, “MDC T was captured by ZANU PF through few leaders who were making decisions such as recalling our elected councillors and members of Parliament. As 2014 MDC T youth structure we are solidly behind call for unity.”

Mr Paul Rimai, 2014 MDC T Masvingo youth provincial organiser said, “We as MDC T Masvingo youth structure we are ready to defend our party from infiltrators, how can one recall our member of parliament and councillors? These recalls are aimed at giving power to Zanu PF through winning by-elections. However, we are going to campaign to win back our seats in these by -elections.”

On another story, the late Mr Pendence was laid to rest in Chipinge.

Mr Pendence uncle said, “I want to thank MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa, Masvingo MDC Alliance leaders, former deputy youth minister and former Masvingo urban member of parliament advocate Tongai Matutu, current Masvingo urban member of parliament Honourable Jacob Nyokanhete and Mayor Maboke for financial and material support. Honourable Tongai Matutu , Mr Tonhodzai provided fuel to assist in transporting the deceased body and MDC Alliance members to Chipinge.”

Advocate Tongai Matutu, MDC Alliance Youth leaders: Marka B, Alaika, Chimbonga, Richard Munyenye and other youth spoke highly of the great work Mr Pendence did to win Masvingo urban elections in 2018 and previous elections.

Killer Zivhu