Touts Kill Chitungwiza Man Who Refused To Board Their Kombi
2 October 2020

By A Correspondent- Police are seeking information leading to the arrest of three touts who kicked a 63-year-old Chitungwiza man to death along High Glen Road in Harare after he refused to board their unregistered kombi.

Mr Anias Chiyangwa of Zengeza 1 was pronounced dead at Parktown Clinic in Waterfalls where he had been taken by his relatives.

He was walking near Mashwede Service Station when he was approached by the touts who were travelling in an unregistered Nissan Caravan.

They tried to force him to board their vehicle, but he resisted and they started kicking him until some passers-by intervened. The touts jumped into their vehicle and sped off, leaving Mr Chiyangwa unconscious.

His rescuers searched his pockets and found his mobile phone, which they used to contact one of his relatives who attended the scene.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday said investigations on the case were still continuing and they were still appealing for information.