Kore Speaks On Backing Chamisa | FULL TEXT…..
3 October 2020
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We Are Loyal to the People

Lynnet Kore

My fellow Zimbabweans,
Despite hostility all around us. Despite attempts to eradicate us. Despite blatant attempts to silence us, we remain focused. We remain steady. We remain committed, consistent, unshaken, and true to our members and the people of our country.
We are patriotic.
We are loyal.
We are persevering.
Political and public participation rights play a vital role in the promotion of our democratic governance, the rule of law, social inclusion, and economic development, as well as guarding all of our human rights.
Participation is an extremely important fundamental human right and we are grateful for the opportunity and trust that was invested in us.
We are not deterred because we represent the interests of our constituencies and we will continue to use their given mandate in other platforms and spaces even outside Parliament. 
On the road to our freedom, we will not be commanded. We will not be controlled. We stand firm and confident under the leadership of People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.
Lynette Karenyi-Kore
Vice President, MDC Alliance
2 October, 2020