Joana, Netsai, Cecilia – True Heroines Of The People’s Struggle
12 October 2020
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12 OCTOBER 2020


Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu branch resolved to dedicate their dual anniversary commemorations to the Mdc Alliance trio, Hon Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova not forgetting our outstanding National Spokesperson Advocate Fadzai Mahere and other progressive voices in the national democratic revolution.

In our celebrations of the 1st anniversary as Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu branch as well as the 21st anniversary of the political dynamo, Mdc Alliance party led by none other than President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, we resolved to honour and respect the above mentioned leaders for their varlour, nerve and mettle to confront Zanupf thugocrats demanding a people’s government, justice , equality, an end to senseless and barefaced corruption. Their politics of resistance inspires us as a district and we urge all social democrats to embrace participatory democracy.

In honour of our departed heroines and heroes, we saluted the late Icon of Democracy President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, Susan Tsvangirai, Gibson Sibanda, Joshua Bakacheza, Talent Mabika, Tichaona Chiminya, Itai Dzamara, Patson Dzamara, Rebecca Mafukeni, Miriam Mushayi, Anna Mpofu, Lavender Chiwaya, Gwenhure only to mention but a few.

We did not forget living heroes and heroines who are stirring the freedom train in the names of President Nelson Chamisa, Job Wiwa Sikhala, Godfrey Kurauone, Tafadzwa Ngadziore, Tawanda Muchehiwa, Terrence Manjengwa, Last Maengahama, Madzorere and many others who are victims of arbitrary arrests and abductions, torture and Zanupf satanism.

Mdc Alliance Namibia shall remain guided by those who exploit all their organs to demand constitutional democracy in the Motherland. May the blood and sweat of the butchered social democrats continue to inspire revolutionaries of our age. May their dear souls rest in power.

Moreover, Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch said , Hon Mamombe, leading the Mdc Alliance trio and our Spokesperson are our undoubted heroines in the struggle for socio-economic transformation.

This followed the recent demonstration staged by the trio demanding justice and freedom of the ardent Zinasu President , Takudzwa Ngadziore, who was abducted, tortured and arbitrarily arrested after putting political pressure to Impala car rental to divulge information pertaining Zanupf thugocrats who are obvious perpetrators of politically motivated arrests and abductions.

Their revolutionary zeal to confront the beast in the eye immediately after being abducted, tortured, raped and sexually harassed is just an unmatched commitment and dedication to defeat thugocracy in Zimbabwe.

It obviously boggled the minds of hesitant social democrats who did not suppose that the’ Mdc Alliance Trio’ especially Joana, barely a day after her release from Chikurubi Maximum Prison, she proceeded to demonstrate, demanding the release of Takudzwa Ngadziore.

Instead of being broken due to incessant state-sponsored incarceration, Joana and her team remained resolute in fighting against peaceful slavery.

In his anniversary solidarity speech, Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch Spokesperson, Robson Ruhanya echoes these revolutionary sentiments, “while other abled-bodied men and women are still waiting for the signal from the President , Joana , Netsai , Cecilia and Mahere are democratic enough to display their bravo in the face of a heavily armed, captured army and police salivating to rape, torture and abduct. This is the pragmatic nature of leadership we expect especially from the youths who have the moral obligation to save this sinking titanic. We salute you women of varlour and nerve”.

Moreso,Mdc Alliance Namibia identifies Joana as a paragon of virtue in our struggle for constitutional democracy. After she was unjustifiably arrested for psychosocial problems, she was not broken or discouraged, this is what we are celebrating as a district.

With more Joanas, Mdc Alliance Namibia has a conviction that change will be imminent. The Spokesperson further said that there are no other signals than the courage to demand justice, equality and an end to senseless and barefaced corruption perpetrated by a rogue desperate regime led by the incompetent illegitimate Zanupf President, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

Speaking at the same event, the Chairlady of the organic Rundu branch ,Tracy Zvitarise , challenged all women and men in social democracy to emulate the flashes of brilliance in embracing dangerous freedom against Zanupf shenanigans. All genuine revolutionaries must pent-up their outrage forcing Zanupf government to halt a wholesale abuse of universal basic freedoms of the girl child specifically sexual abuses exposed to those who openly challenge politics of self-enrichment.

She further echoed that the futile attempt by Zanupf rapists to break Joana Mamombe’s revolutionary spirit must be resisted with equal measure.

Furthermore, Misheck Bunga, the Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch Youth Commander urged the youths to take responsibility for their future. He demanded the immediate release of abducted and jailed Zinasu President Takudzwa Ngadziore, concurrently, warning the autocratic regime to ensure justice for the abducted and tortured youthful Tawanda Muchehiwa. The vibrant commander ordered state enablers Impala to either disclose information from the tracker and the names of Satanists who hired the car used to abduct and torture Tawanda Muchehiwa or shut down the company. Zanupf must not continue to persecute and torment innocent citizens who are scratching their heads for a single nutritious meal per day due to Zanupf’s dismal failure to revamp the pathetic economy.

The Secretary General, Simbarashe Ndoda described Joana , Cecilia , Netsai, Fadzai Mahere , Job Wiwa Sikhala, Godfrey Kurauone and all prisoners of conscience as cadres who epitomise our fight for a people’s government. He made it point blank that Zanupf-sponsored abductions, torture and sexual abuse of social democrats should not deter us from demanding justice and fight against corruption.

The Secretary General openly encouraged everyone present to demonstrate his or her comprehension of the ideology of social democracy by actively fighting against Zanupf’s incompetent governance.

In a nutshell, the district Chairperson of MDC Alliance Namibia Elisha Chambara graced the colourful event in absentia with a solidarity message to Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu branch. He congratulated and eulogised the organic leadership and membership for their visibility and participatory democracy since its inception on the 10th of August 2019.

The Chairperson hailed Rundu branch for participating in both internal and external party programs exhibited through financial assistance and revolutionary solidarity. He singled out the participation of Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch on the 31st July Movement protests against looting and corruption at Zimbabwe embassy in Windhoek on the day in question.

He further encouraged the outstanding branch to continue as inspiring other external branches as part of mobilisation.

Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya








Netsai, Joana, Cecilia