Bees Attack ZRP Cop And Kill All 17 Of His Chickens.
15 October 2020
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Chikato Police Station

A swarm of bees brutally attacked a ZRP cop and then killed 17 of his chickens.

The Mirror reports how Chikato Police camp in the Lowveld was terrorised by bees camped in a chimney at one of the flats.

The paper states how Ass Insp Forbes Musora was not only bitten but lost 17 chickens to the bees.

When asked for a comment, Insp Musora referred all questions to the Police Public Relations department, the paper says.

The PR department was however not taking any calls.

The development follows a separate incident back in July when soldiers and police details were attacked by a swarm of killer bees in Kuwadzana 4, Harare.

Of that incident, a witness narrated in full saying:

“There came a lorry full of police details and soldiers in Kuwadzana 4 Harare so everyone ran away.

Some of the soldiers were in civilian clothes and they were just arresting everyone and for you to run away, you ended up just being arrested.

In the past you would just notice that this person who has arrested me is a soldier or a police officer and that you have been arrested and are being taken to the police truck when you saw their boots.

Police boots
But today, they were just arresting everyone …so when they arrived at Kuwadzana 4 shops, people ran away leaving their groceries, the ones that they were selling including their firewood.

So there were bees that came from nowhere,they just flew and went underneath a cart.

The cart was like the ones that are used by vendors in towns when they are selling their wares. No one knows what time these bees made this cart their haven, but it should be today because this cart was at home last night and was taken to the shops this morning for it’s daily business.

So when people ran away after seeing that the soldiers in plain clothes were arresting people and taking them to their truck, they left their wares.

So these soldiers started confiscating people’s groceries and that is when they saw the cart and they started loading the confiscated goods and firewood into that cart.

Trouble began when they started to push the cart. The bees left their haven ,underneath the cart and started biting the soldiers. They were bitten so bad that they left the cart and started running away.

The soldiers were bitten and they ran back to their truck and they were wailing while the swarm of bees continued biting them. It was a swarm of bees. And when these soldiers who were fleeing the bees got to their truck, the bees continued biting them and those who were inside the truck were not spared either. They were all bitten.

The driver of the truck sped off but this did not help, the bees continued biting them.

I doubt these bees are a natural species. They must be someone’s bees. In Kuwadzana 4 today, we witnessed a rare occurence.

The soldiers were bitten so bad. They were wailing and crying.

Please do not take people’s property. This happened around 12pm in Kuwadzana 4, Harare.

The firewood that they wanted to take belonged to one granny whom we call gogo Ndunge. The soldiers were bitten so bad.”