Byo In Mourning As City’s Favourite Musician Dies In Horrific Hit And Run Accident
25 October 2020

State Media

Intwana kaManax, King Vin, 

With Zimbabweans still mourning the death of Winky D’s drummer, Scara Delroy “Scara” Maripakwenda and dancer Lavona Maria Staal, they have been plunged into mourning once again following the untimely demise of Bulawayo rapper, Cal Vin (real name Calvin Nhliziyo).

Popularly known as That Luveve Boy, Cal Vin, 35, who died during the early hours of Sunday morning following a hit and run accident has left many people from all works of life devastated.

After receiving news of his death, several people have and are still taking to social media to where they are expressing their shock and sending out condolence messages.

Austria-based imbube musician Vusa Mkhaya said he was saddened by the passing of Cal Vin as he was working on a song with the multi-talented musician.

“We were working on another one and you said this one will be a banger. On Thursday you said ‘Not another love song bhudas, let’s do something different this time’. Rest easy young King,” posted Mkhaya.

South Africa-based media personality who recently lost her younger brother shared Mkhaya’s post and wrote: “This year’s robbed us of soo much gold.”

Musician Novuyo Seagirl who shared the stage with Cal Vin on several occasions said: “2020 has been a horrible year. Sungaze uthathe u Calvin shuwa. We’ve been robbed of yet another great talented artiste. What will be of the music industry without you Vin? Rest in Peace King Cal Vin.”

Another media personality, Patience Phiri who worked closely with the late artiste at several events, most recent being Iyasa’s Credisi was devastated.

“Your name will live forever mntaka MaNax. King Vin,” wrote Phiri as she posted Cal Vin’s images.

Wrote South Africa-based musician La Dee: What sad news to wake up to. One of our very best rappers in Bulawayo. I’m so out of words. Ayy rest in peace Cal Vin.”

Oliver Mtukudzi’s former manager and event organiser, Walter Wanyanya wrote: “Young king. Thank you for giving us your very best.”

Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube: “Oh no. Cal Vin! Oh my gosh, please no. This is a huge loss.”

Another comedian, Doc Vikela said 2020 had won as it has successfully robbed the country of great artistes.

“2020, so, you have won. Ndiwe number one horaiti, ah.”

Yet another comedian, Comik Pastor described how he used to enjoy calling Cal Vin That Luveve boy.

“I loved to say ‘that Luveve boy’. Sad the boy is gone. Rest in peace Cal Vin.”

One of Bulawayo’s top arts supporters, Reason “Rizzla” Sibanda who is the Zima CEO shared how they were planning to unveil something big in December with Cal Vin.

“But why mafana. . . We agreed and were set for a new angle on 12december. May you soul RIP.”

Bulawayo socialite, nightclub manager Manu Mahaso said: Vakanaka ndivo vanoenda. This was a cool lad who was multi-talented. Apa Mwari matitsara shasha yedu. RIP my brother. Will miss you dearly.”

Multi-award-winning arts journalist, Bruce Ndlovu who was also a close friend of Cal Vin’s said: “This one hit me hard, really hard. I can’t believe it.”

Videographer and media enthusiast Nico Abote simply wrote: “2020!! You’ve swallowed our Luveve boy.”

Harare-based music promoter, Mahwindo shared the close relationship she had with the late.

“My boyfriend’s young brother. I used to call you Ban’ani Calvin. My Bulawayo artiste, I’m, in pain. Who will I play with when I come to Bulawayo? My guy, I’m speechless. RIP Bulawayo’s best rapper.”

Brighton Beefactor wrote: “Farewell thee Luveve Boy. 2020 has been a bad year. Death be not proud. Bulawayo we have lost a great young man. Shuuuu. Kubi.”