Guti Shuts Own University To Honour Mnangagwa’s Day Against Sanctions | ANALYSIS.
25 October 2020

By Farai D Hove | Ezekiel Guti has shut his university to honour Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Anti Sanctions Day.

In a statement, his university said this is because the 26th October has been declared a public holiday. The day was set aside by Mnangagwa to protest against the targeted western sanctions against him (Mnangagwa) and a list of cronies around his ruling clique. Mnangagwa has labelled them sanctions against the Zimbabwean nation which must be removed. Influential community leaders like Guti have not moved to challenge Mnangagwa on his own sanctions against the people since 1983, during a 37 year period in which Mnangagwa has called for the killing of tens of thousands of his own citizens, extrajudicial killing operations that have resulted in business and the entire economy crumbling since 1983. Guti has instead praised Mnangagwa calling him God’s servant, even during a series of shameless abductions.

At the height of mass killings and abductions, Guti would host Mnangagwa and give him the holy podium to address is congregation at his Bible college in Harare, and the below graphics include the live video at the premises as Zimbabwe’s mass murderer describe by senior ZANU PF members as the nation’s cursed Adolf Hitler was treated like the Almighty Creator himself. So, Mnangagwa is the God Of Ezekiel, ZAOGA members keep talking about!

Does the Bible not condemn the practice of fearing human beings? Do the scriptures not lay out instructions on telling the wicked to their face when they are wrong? So, what type of Christianity has Ezekiel Guti invented he has sold the world? Some ZANU PF members seem more pious and put in heart than all of Guti’s followers put together.

Below was Guti’s letter

Ezekiel Guti
Ezekiel Guti sitting at Mnangagwa’s high table