OPINION: AU/ECOWAS Dont Be Silent, Act Now
25 October 2020

The recent uproot of dictatorial democracy in Mali, saw the AU/ ECOWAS quickly marshalling forces with sanctions to restore it, simply because it affected a dear club member of some unconcerned leaders of Africa.

The current situation in Nigeria is bordering on violation of human rights, freedom and justice, yet the leaders of Nigeria are yet to be sanctioned.

The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute ( KNII) is in SOLIDARITY with the Nigerian and African Youth.

We believe that guided by socio-scientific leadership the youth can sustain the demand against- “THE TOOLS OF SYSTEMIC INSTITUTIONAL SUBJUGATION such as the SARS”.

All should beware of tribal/religious DIVISIVE TENDENCIES and NEVER allow them to be used to quench the collective desire for a just and progressed society.

The agitated situation in Nigeria, this time around requires religious harmony in the country to be used to help chart the path for a New Nigeria and to give hope to all African youth

The soul of Nigeria ought to be healed through the positive participation of all the Stakeholders of the society, ie- Kings/Chiefs, Leaders of Religious Councils, Labour Unions, Youth Groups,CSOs and identifiable bodies based on social harmony, sense of purpose, the destiny and future of Nigeria and the need for a good neighborly coexistence.

A New Nigeria can be built with a new type of leadership conscious of the people’s needs and necessity for equality, justice and freedom.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is indeed, the microcosm of a United States of Africa and so any civil unrest there must be of concern to Africans everywhere.

The AU and ECOWAS ought to do more by calling the Government of Nigeria to respect basic human rights.

They have to openly condemned the killing, harassment, bullying and the unjustifiable arrest of citizens.

The KNII, expresses its sincere condolences to the bereaved families brutalised and killed in the hands of SARS.
Africa must rise up. It’s time to build an atmosphere that guarantees work and happiness.

Africans are getting fed up with the so called Institutional democratic space used to protect a handful of people in power.

It’s time for the grassroots to begin to evaluate their roles in governance and exercise their franchise wisely during elections in every State in Africa.

It’s time to stop the Congo crisis; completely End SARS and its related antisocial forces in Nigeria; the Femicide in South Africa;the Zimbabwe crisis; the Libyan unrest etc, especially when the AU claims this year 2020 is the year of silencing the Guns.

This brings to mind the question as to whether or not the AU/ ECOWAS has failed in their duties and responsibilities to the people of Africa, and the answer seems to be an unequivocal YES.

This calls for the debate on how to make the AU and other Subregional bodies more representative of the masses with a drastic departure from its control by a selected few people in power pretending to serve the interest of all citizens.

The disconnection between the African citizens and the Continental and Regional bodies is increasingly noticeable. These institutions established to check bad governance among others in African States are becoming ineffective through its top echelon in solving the prevailing challenging events across the continent.

The current unhealthy and acidic socio-economic and political circumstances in Africa ought to be remedied through the direct participation of Africans in the exercise of their franchise to determine who leads them at the Subregional and Continental Authority and also ensure the people’s ownership of the affairs of the Continent.

Reasonably, the era for redemptive leadership in Africa is now to stop the carnage, atrocities and the suffering induced economic policies deeping poverty, hunger and diseases.

And so,the uncontested solution to the contemporary African challenges is the search for forsighted leaders, reminiscent of the many good ones that we had after independence.

Africa is yearning for a type of leader who will be a credible superintendent over the wealth and resources of the continent on behalf of the collective.

It is in this vein, that the Kwame Nkrumah ideological Institute( KNII) adds its voice to the numerous calls for the extension of the Nomination Deadline for the African Union Commission (AUC) topmost position, to encourage a transparent democratic exercise, else it constitutes a forceful seizure/capture of the AUC Seal of Authority and the Key to the African Continental Free Trade Area ( AfCFTA) through an undemocratic means-for allowing the Chairmanship position go uncontested- against the RULES of the AU.


( Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute)