I Have Been Sleeping With My Daughters Unknowingly, Man Confesses
27 October 2020

Own Correspondent |
Controversial preacher Isaac Makomichi has claimed a 60- year-old man from Zaka has been sleeping with his daughters unknowingly.

On Sunday a family of seven reportedly visited Makomichi in a bid to resolve family issues.

“The father confessed experiencing nightmares- sleeping with his four daughters.

He thought it was just bad dreams but it was something else.

He went to a sangoma 20 years ago seeking charms to win lotto and he was given a goblin instead.

This is the reason why his daughters are having problems.

I urge everyone to be more concerned about dreams.

His daughters are also experiencing bad dreams.

I will accompany him to the sangoma to return the charm,” claimed
Said Makomichi

Isaac Makomichi