Seychelles Elections A Sign Of Hope
27 October 2020

Farai Dziva|President Nelson Chamisa has described the outcome of elections in Seychelles as a sign of great hope.

“I’m inspired.Felicitations to a friend and opposition candidate H.E.

on his historic win in the Presidential and parly elections in Seychelles.We look forward to a strengthening of the close ties we have.The future is exciting & promising!God bless Seychelles,” President Chamisa wrote on Twitter.

Anglican priest Wavel Ramkalawan defeated President Danny Faure by 54.9% to 43.5%, official results show.

Supporters of Mr Ramkalawan have been celebrating his victory in the capital, Victoria, according to BBC.

In his victory speech, Mr Ramkalawan was conciliatory towards Mr Faure, saying there were no losers or winners.

In his first comments since winning, Mr Ramkalawan said:

“Mr Faure and I are good friends. And an election does not mean the end of one’s contribution to one’s motherland.

“In this election, there were no losers, there were no winners – our country was given the opportunity as the ultimate winner.”

Mr Faure was sitting close by, and nodded in approval as the incoming president spoke, according to Reuters.

President Chamisa