LIVE- Humiliated State Turns against Rushwaya | COURT UPDATES
28 October 2020

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State says there is no prejudice to the accused person as the court had not made its ruling.

The onus to demonstrate that there are compelling reasons in denying the accused person bail lies with the state. We intend to take up that onus in justifying why she must not be granted bail.

Reasons: this is a classic example of organised crime, in the manner in which the execution of the offence was carried out.

State says the airport CCTVs were switched off and her clearance took 4 minutes.

The net of the syndicate is actually wider.

There is evidence that the accused person tried to bribe the two officers who discovered the offence.

There were other personnel involved in the accused person smuggling of gold, one from the CIO and another masquerading as a member of the CIO.

Rushwaya lawyer now responding:

Rushwaya lawyer says state has failed to comply with a court order to give reasons for its consent, “that should have been the starting point.” The state ought to have started by justifying why it consented as directed by the court.

Case Adjourned to 2.30pm