“This Is It On The Promised Land”: Khupe
28 October 2020

By A Correspondent- Court installed MDC T leader Thoozani Khupe has said just like the Israelites who toiled 40 years to reach the promised land, Zimbabweans were now in that era where there must be milk and honey.

Khupe said this while reacting to Emmerson Mnangagwa’s SONAin parliament Tuesday.

She said:

“Madam Speaker, I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I believe in the word and I believe in biblical issues. Zimbabwe turned 40 years this year and I would like to equate it with the Bible where the Israelites wondered in the desert for 40 years without food and water.

They were going to the promised land where there was milk and honey. For me, I think this is it. Zimbabwe turned 40 years this year and this is it.  

I strongly believe that Zimbabwe is going to change and it is going to change for a better life for everyone because we have turned 40 years.

We need to unite as a country for us to work together as a country and make sure that we push the development agenda so that everyone has a better life.”