Emmerson Mnangagwa Is The Archbishop Of Looting, Declares Biti
31 October 2020

Farai Dziva|MDC Alliance deputy president, Hon Tendai Biti has pointed out that Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa himself is the “godfather of looting.”

Hon Biti was commenting on the arrest of Henrietta Rushwaya for attempting to smuggling six kilograms of gold out of the country.

Hon Biti argued :
“The tragedy of Zim is that it is now run by the worst of its lot .

Thorough scumbags with no respect for rules, law and decency They have no values, no morality, no limits,no elasticity.

A vacuous extractive lot that should be seen nowhere near the State Palace A kakistocracy .

The Henrietta Rushwaya case is microcosm of the huge rot that is the commodities sector.Billions are being siphoned off Zim particularly in gold,diamonds,chrome and platinum.

The Godfather of illicit gold dealings is a well known thief masquerading as a leader.He is the Arch-Bishop.”

Tendai Biti