Zanu PF Sides With Jah Prayzah, Attacks Chin’ono
31 October 2020

By Jane Mlambo| Zanu PF members on social media have sided with musician Jah Prayzah in the ongoing debate sparked by journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who accused the ‘kutonga kwaro’ hit maker of not doing enough to condemn government excesses.

The debate which dominated social media yesterday saw people taking sides with some feeling Chin’ono was bullying Jah Prayzah by forcing him to take a particular route with his music while some felt the lanky crooner was failing society unlike his counterparts in other parts of the world who openly condemned injustices through their music.

Chin’ono gave an example of the late music hero Oliver Mtukudzi whom he said had a catalog of songs that spoke about wrong things being done by government while Thomas Mapfumo was undisputably a master at protest music.

As the debate unfolded, Zanu PF members could not stand on the sidelines, joining in the discussion and urging Jah Prayzah to disregard Chin’ono’s pressure.

One such person is Jones Musara who urged Jah Prayzah to sing what he likes without being pressured.

“Music is your forte JP. Keep singing zvaunoda. You cant please everyone!,” said Musara.

Former Zanu PF youth secretary, Lewis Matutu also joined in saying musicians should not be reduced to partisan tools.

“Our artists must never be reduced to political tools or even forced to support any political narrative. JP isn’t interested in politics even if others would want to suggest otherwise and l think it’s only fair for Zimbabweans particularly Hopewell to respect his space. It is also wrong for politicians to create unnecessary divisions and hatred among Zimbabwean artists and celebrities simply because they are not interested in bad politics,” said Matutu.

Through its official Twitter account, Zanu PF Patriots, the party urged Jah Prayzah to be strong in the face of increasing pressure.