FULL TEXT: Auxillia Mnangagwa Issues Statement On Rushwaya Gold Smuggling Saga
1 November 2020

As first lady my duty is first and foremost to Zimbabwe as a nation. I serve each and every Zimbabwean whole heartedly and selflessly. I serve the interests of my nation and not any individual. I do not engage in illegal narrow minded pursuits like gold smuggling.

I have no dealings nor involvement with Miss Henrietta Rushwaya of any illegal kind. I am challenging the Police through their relevant office to issue a statement with regards the utterances by one officer during her arrest that falsely implicated me and my son Collins.

I am a strong advocate for transparency and honesty and any continued silence by the police can be misconstrued as a cover up. If there is any incriminating evidence against me I challenge the police to present it to the nation without fear or favour. If there be none I also challenge the police to say so.

I will not be dissuaded from working for those who need my help in both rural and urban areas. I will also support totally all anti corruption activities regardless of the many malicious attacks clearly designed to cow me from supporting them. I stand firm on my principles.

It pains me that my son who is hard working and an obedient son, is being attacked for no reason other than being a member of the first family. He is a hard working person and strives to improve himself day by day. As a mother I am proud of his work ethic and encourage him not be affected by malicious rumours.

I am an advocate for peace and love and work hard at helping those who I can. I am greatly aggravated by the continuation of these false stories and claims. However, I remain unshaken and will continue to serve my nation in its entirety to the best of my ability.