MDC Alliance Youth Assembly On Rural Offensive
1 November 2020
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By Jane Mlambo| The opposition MDC Alliance Youth Assembly has begun a rural offensive meant to energizer party supporters in the face of attempts by the Zanu PF regime to destroy the movement ahead of the 2023 plebiscite.

Yesterday the Youth Assembly leader Obey Sithole and his Secretary General Ostallos Siziba were in Masvingo where they held well attended rallies, while party Vice President was spotted in Mutare on another grassroots engagement.

Siziba confirmed their rural offensive saying they are working to re-organise the party to prepare for the worst as they continue to be confronted with internal divisions.

“Building from the rubble: Today With Zaka North compatriots as we seek to reorganize the party realist that we are now entering the shadows a new season. We kiss goodbye to the era of state sponsored internal contradictions, intrusion and slithery. The social base is strong and the task upon our shoulders is to steer the ship towards radical change,” said Siziba.