Fawcett Security Cash In Transit Vehicle Robbed In Bulawayo, Joburg Style.
2 November 2020

Paul Nyathi

A Fawcett Security CIT Vehicle

Reports coming through indicate that a Fawcett Security Cash In Transit vehicle was on Monday morning robbed of an indisclosed amount of cash at a CBZ Bank in Bulawayo.

According to the reports, the heavily armed robbers first carjacked a Mercedes Benz in Selbourne Park and used the vehicle to execute the robbery.

The Fawcett armoured vehicled was intercepted inside a sanity lane behind the bank where the cash was meant to be brought through into the bank.

According to the report, he Fawcett guards were outnumbered and outgunned by the thugs who drove away from the scene in the Security Vehicle which they later ransacked and dumped in Ilanda suburb some kilometres away from the bank.

The gang hijacked a pick-up truck after cleaning the Fawcett van and disappeared.

Police are yet to make a statement on the issue.

Cash In Transit robberies are not a common issue in Zimbabwe but a very common occurrence across the border in South Africa.