“It’s A Gukurahundi Cover-up Simple!”
2 November 2020

By Mthwakazi- It has always been how Zanu pf’s murderers work to cover their fingerprints in crime scenes which sees Chief Fortune Charumbira heaped with the responsibility to lead the Gukurahundi reburial exercise.

As we have always said that, the much talked about Gukurahundi reburial has nothing to do with healing the survivors of the massacres but everything about setting the perpetrators of the hook, we don’t think Emmerson Mnangagwa himself can give reasons of what exactly qualifies Charumbira to lead the reburial exercise.

Other than Charumbira is a Shona and perfectly positioned to shield him from prosecution, I don’t think Mnangagwa has any reason to justify his choice. It must be remembered that after the outbreak of Entumbane Zipra – Zanla war, a commission headed by a Shona Judge, Enoch Dumbutshena was established by Robert Mugabe to investigate the reasons for the outbreak of the war.

Its findings are unknown until this day. In 1983, the Gukurahundi stormed Mthwakazi/Matabeleland, killing, raping, torturing and maiming hundreds of people. There was a loud outcry of what was happening.

Fearing being exposed, Mugabe together with his henchman, Emmerson Mnangagwa, hatched a plan to dig and cover those carcasses deep underground. Another commision headed by another Shona, Simplisius Chihambakwe was established between 1983 and 84. Its results too went missing until this day.

So as number one suspect in the massacres, Mnangagwa only chose Charumbira to ensure he destroys all the existing evidence of the killings so he can ‘walk’ free. If that is not the case, what are the duties of Charumbira in the reburial exercise and what makes him special to lead it? Are there no Ndebele chiefs who are well versed with the burial cultures of Mthwakazi who could lead that process?

As MLF, we warn Mnangagwa to note that his dirty tricks on Mthwakazi can no longer go unnoticed and it is unfortunate that whether he successfully destroys the evidence of the killings, he cannot rub out of our minds the names of all those who had a hand in the killings. Their day to pay for their sins is coming very fast. 

We also urge all Mthwakazi chiefs to keep away from this evil exercise.