Tongai Matutu Writes Own Political Epitaph: Full Text
3 November 2020

03 NOVEMBER 2020


It is quite exhilarating to receive the fascinating news that the belly politician remigrated to the clueless Zanupf regime as a way of establishing a delightful garden manned by the corrupt illegitimate leadership in the so-called revolutionary party. The leader of the regime yesterday rolled out the red carpet for the voracious Matutu who gave a dirty look to the national democratic revolution led by the political mountain, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. As Mdc Alliance, we absolutely appreciate the suicidal resolution from the rapacious former Mdc Masvingo Urban legislator since it is instrumental in eroding selfish politicians who masquerade as social democrats for personal aggrandisement.

Desperate Matutu was frustrated beyond recovery when he dismally failed to snatch even a single nomination to grab the Chairmanship of Masvingo Province prior to the successful Mdc Alliance elective Congress held in May 2019.

The effort to anathematise the political behemoth (Mdc Alliance) describing it as a political wilderness at the Zanupf State House epitomises his astounding defeat in the face of constitutional democracy as well his political ineptitude to fight for socio-economic transformation.

Speaking during the reunion, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa was left elated beyond imagination. This was unearthed when he said, “he has come to us and he would like to ‘come back’ to his original party. We welcome him ‘back home”.

This nature of hospitality is extremely astonishing given that the former legislator pretended all these donkey years that he is a vehicle for complete change.

Moreover, the posture of our erstwhile comrade resembles politics of greedy bereft of the will of Zimbabweans who continue to endure arbitrary arrests, abductions ,torture and shrinking of democratic space in the motherland.

It becomes ironic and primitive to describe his resolve to reattain Zanupf as a national calling. As Mdc Alliance, we are really cognisant of our resounding 2.6 million votes attained by our party of excellence in 2018 harmonised elections where we were bullied and robbed by the monocratic regime. It is foolhardy to believe that the omnivorous Matutu made his adjudication to be reunited with ideologically bankrupt Zanupf is not out of an empty stomach, but national calling.

Moreso, it is a public secret that the dilapidation of our economy and infringement on the basic universal freedoms emanates from Zanupf politicians’ insatiable appetite to eat on behalf of the vulnerable citizenry therefore Matutu has displayed his determination to strategically position himself for incessant looting of state resources with impunity. Mdc Alliance Namibia’s political message is very clear, Matutu should not fool his Zanupf gods that there are multiple Mdc Alliance members who are yearning to riposte Zanupf come 2023.

Mdc Alliance party is not for the erratic and capricious people who are readily available to donate the freedom train for three pieces of silver.

Furthermore, Zanupf Acting Secretary for Information and Publicity Patrick Chinamasa said the revolutionary party welcomes Matutu with ‘joy and in the spirit of comradeship’. He further elaborated that Matutu will undergo the requisite induction with Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology so that he appreciates the party ideology on abductions, torture, human butchery, corruption, looting, smuggling, rape of social democrats and rigging of elections.

These are the popular political value systems and party ideology of repression.

It is distinct insanity to carry the conviction that the ravenous Matutu’s settlement is a clear indication that the thugocratic Zanupf is the party of the future with the interests of Zimbabweans at heart. Where is your heart when you are criminalising the audible voices against corruption and gross misgovernance in Zanupf?, echoed Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch Secretary General Simbarashe Ndoda.

In conclusion, Mdc Alliance Namibia encourages its membership around the globe to soldier on and resist political fatigue and superego in the mushrooming stomach politicians of plunder. Our economy is on a tailspin because of Zanupf misrule manifesting in rampant corruption hence hungered Matutu must be given a cold shoulder.

Mdc Alliance is a political home to those who shun and fight totalitarianism being advanced by Zanupf morons. Victory is certain with vigilance and corruption-free minds. As an external district, we are delighted that Matutu did not hide behind the Mdc name in antithesis with Khupe and Mwonzora who disguise as social democrats but serving Zanupf dictators.

Unlike Khupe, Mwonzora, Komichi, Dumbu, Mashakada and cronies, Matutu’s decree to regain his looting position in Zanupf is worth celebrating because he is standing on his own compared to Zanupf surrogates who pretend to be agents of complete transformation. We would like to you wish good luck in your fruitless journey to the political dustbin and advise the Mwonzoras to follow suit than continue as political hypocrites. It is your democratic right to associate yourself with corrupt, heartless murderers.










Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya