“It’s Utter Nonsense. No Inflation Has Been Tamed”: POLL
6 November 2020

ZimEye ran a poll asking readers whether Senator Monica Mutsvangwa’s statement that the country’s economy was on a rebound was fact or utter nonsense.

At least 78.8 percent of the 518 voters said it was utter nonsense that the minister was making such claim.

Added El Patron:

“We don’t need to vote on it, if the economy was on the rebound everyone would be able to see it we wouldn’t wait for a minister to tell us that, the fact that we can’t and we have to wait for someone to feed us what is obviously lies basically tells you everything you should know.”

However, 9.3 percent of those who voted were of the opinion that the information minister’s claim was fact while 12 percent said they wanted nothing to do with the poll and said “Leave me out of it ok!”.