Family Hints Ginimbi And Friend Had Already Prophesied Their Own Death | IS IT ETHICAL TO IGNORE THE FAMILY WISHES IN NEWS HEADLINES
9 November 2020

To all our viewers, readers and listeners, we wish to thank you all who raised complaints raised concerning this headline late Sunday night. We would like to assure all that there has been in our view a deep family-to-community interest in this – the motive for this news analysis which was laid out over a 15 minute live session, was to help highlight a fraud- so to even stop it, perchance and this was after a certain prophet made claims of knowing of the death in advance.

It was in the interest of the deceased Genius Kadungure family that this news headline and the analysis thereof was carried.  Ginimbi’s brother Timothy Kadungure made the complaint on Sunday following the throwing about of statements that they felt are hurtful.    

By mid afternoon on Sunday the topic was already a major topic in the Zimbabwean community having also been published on several news sites, it was overwhelming and per judgement, unavoidable, such that the only way to fight perceptions around it the best approach was to take it head on.  

We invite you to watch the review, and we will not hesitate to purge all content if this is not in the family or public interest. 

Meanwhile, we have performed these type of analyses before.
BRIEF BACKGROUND – Many fraudsters have gone into the practice of using the death calamity as a tool for marketing their services. This has seen several citizens later lose their lives. Over 128 have died as a result of following these prophets. One of the victims is the former MDC leader Greenwich Ndanga, who died in TB Joshua’s building 6 years ago. We are seized with the need for the nation to be alerted to these dangers. Please acquaint yourself with the live discussion over this program in which several studies are drawn. Please also check our work over the last 12 years as we have investigated these prophets and taken them head on.

We are guided by that: the principal tyrants of the Zimbabwean community who are arguably Spiritist Prophets commanding pseudo churches, are responsible for the cancerous culture of moral retrogression and these people are the chief sponsors of the political chaos. Through deception and the criminal pillars they have erected, they manipulate the people’s poverty (material and ideological) and suffering while directly sponsoring ruling politicians, as the world faces a new type of deadly Religious Extremism in which masses for instance are forced to eat poison as a religious ritual.

They are also responsible for destroying industry, severely marring government economics to facilitate their occult business – we have several live examples of collapsed industries.

These people who are a handful of mainly male occult leaders, will continue to destroy Zimbabwe and even the rest of Africa unless their acts are put to a stop now. In our position is also evidence of global criminal activities they are involved in which include money laundering, card crime, the endangering (even killing) of people en masse, and the trapping of millions of citizens under a state of terror and self defeat. This way, tyrants continue to thrive as people begin to act more like irrational animals and real humanity dissipate. In one video at a conference, for instance, a Zimbabwean preacher is seen instructing citizens to manipulate cash machines so that God can bless them. Unless this is stopped, Zimbabwe will not progress.

While we take up this role of exposing frauds and balancing opinions, we welcome all reviews and feedback that matter to our community. Sincerely – Editorial Moderators – ZimEye