Masvingo Prophet Accused Of Failing To Save Ginimbi Girlfriend’s Life
11 November 2020

Own Correspondent|A leader of a Sex Workers Union in Masvingo has sensationally claimed Michelle “Moana” Amuli broke love charm rules.

This follows insults hurled at controversial Masvingo cleric Isaac Makomichi who is accused of failing to protect Ginimbi’s “girlfriend”-Moana.

Irate social media users are accusing Makomichi of failing to reprimand Moana over her association with Genius ” Ginimbi” Kadungure.

Sources claim Moana was a beneficiary of Makomichi’s controversial love potion herb.

On Tuesday evening the leader of the Sex Workers Union in Masvingo said no mortal being can prevent death.

“I’m not defending the prophet but only God has the grace to save life.

The other thing is that I think Moana broke love charm rules.

We use that herb to attract rich people but it has a rule that one must follow.

Some prominent people come at night to collect the herb.

This is the time to stand with the prophet.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace,” the Sex Workers Union leader wrote on social media.

Makomichi was not immediately available for a comment.

However, his personal assistant said the preacher was fixing his mobile phone.

Isaac Makomichi