MDC Alliance Seeks To End Zanu PF Dominance In Rural Areas
12 November 2020

Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly is ready to defend the people’s struggle, Secretary General of the assembly, Gift Ostallos Siziba has said.

Below is Siziba’s full statement:

We held a successful MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Council in this city of kings this weekend- below are the key resolutions made:

  1. Prepare for action- a radical mass mobilisation program to energise the base, organise communities and fight dictatorship.
  2. Defend the people’s project with utmost precision.
  3. Launch I Million Youth campaign in all Provinces as a harbinger of a radically different Youth Assembly.
  4. Take the Youth Assembly back to the rural areas- Focus on rural Youth mobilisation, voter education and economic empowerment programs.
  5. Initiate a Political education program as a grassroots class consciousness drive for young people.
  6. Join forces with the progressive Youth Movements in and around Zimbabwe to form a formidable fight against military dictatorship in the country.

Until then its Aluta continua

One Million Youth Voices For Change

Gift Ostallos Siziba- [Secretary General]