Robbers Disarmed, Thoroughly Bashed
12 November 2020
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A BULAWAYO man allegedly teamed up with an ex-soldier to rob people that his in-laws were selling a house to, at gunpoint.

Covering their faces with face masks and caps tilted to further hide their faces, Learnmore Kwari (30) and the former soldier, Ian Sibanda (53), arrived at the sellers’ home in Lobengula West suburb on Tuesday between 5.30 and 6.30pm.

They, however, got more than they had bargained for when Mr Brendon Matshazi (24) disarmed Sibanda who was brandishing the gun at the family and demanding US$23 000.

Mr Matshazi bashed Sibanda into submission while Kwari took to his heels.

After witnessing the pounding his friend had taken, Kwari could not get away fast enough as he apparently felt getting into a getaway vehicle- a dark green BMW- would slow him down.

He streaked away on foot.

Kwari’s in laws were selling a house in the same suburb and he was part of the team that had engaged the Matshazi family in negotiations.

Sibanda is in police custody while Kwari is still at large.

Unbeknown to the duo, the money they were targeting was not at the house as it was yet to be delivered from South Africa.

Angry residents deflated the getaway vehicle’s tyres when news of the botched heist spread around the suburb.

There was a brief free-for-all as they stampeded to beat Sibanda up.

Mr Matshazi said he was angry Sibanda and Kwari burst into the house and threatened his grandmother and younger sister with a gun.

“I was so angry I did not stop to think. I jumped on him from behind and we tussled for the pistol. I overpowered him although he was bigger than me. I hit him with butt of the gun on the head until he fell to the ground. He begged for mercy while asking where I got the strength to fight an armed man,” said Mr Matshazi.-Chronicle

Ian Sibanda