DJ Rimo, Ginimbi’s Best Friend Fails To Handle His Late Friend’s Favourite Toy, Gets People Talking.
13 November 2020

Paul Nyathi

The Ferrari in smoke like steam

Late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s favourite” toy” the red Ferrari dented fans roadshow to bid him farewell in the streets of Harare when the vehicle overheated at around midday along Herbert Chitepo Street and 2nd Avenue abandon it there.

The luxurious vehicle which was one of the late Ginimbi’s personal favourites was apparently being driven by his best friend, DJ Rimo who was en-route to Doves Funeral Services Parlour where Ginimbi’s memorial service was taking place.

Witnesses who were gathered where the car gave in said Rimo was reportedly doing high raves before the engine overheated.

Earlier on today, DJ Rimo posted a live video on Facebook of Ginimbi’s convoy as people made their way to the parlour. The convoy where the Ferrari was one of the cars, was met with cheers and ululations along the Domboshava-Harare highway.

Ginimbi got Bulawayo wild a couple of weeks ago when he took the Ferrari to the city for his last trip The City of Kings last month.