Trump Breaks 8th Day Silence Addresses Press Conference As Officials Insist He’ll Have A 2nd Term
13 November 2020


Donald Trump addressing the press conference

U.S. President Donald Trump, in remarks delivered from the White House Friday afternoon, provided an update on the coronavirus vaccine.

In the remarks, the president briefed the public on Operation Warp Speed, the government’s multiagency effort to fast track a vaccine for the virus, which has killed more than 243,000 Americans.

On Monday, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced it had created a vaccine that was 90% effective against the coronavirus.

After Pfizer’s announcement, Trump reacted via Twitter, calling it “SUCH GREAT NEWS.”

The Rose Garden remarks were his first since the media declared former Vice President Joe Biden the projected winner of the Nov. 3 election last Saturday.

Trump has refused to concede, citing irregularities in several swing states. One battleground state, Georgia, is recounting its ballots by hand, and the president has filed lawsuits in several other states.

Trump did make a public appearance at Arlington National Cemetery to mark Veteran’s Day on November 11.

Watch President Trump’s remarks live: