“The Late Genius Kadungure Did His Business In Very Unusual Ways,” Opinion.
14 November 2020

By Discent Bajila

Discent Bajila
  1. He was the CEO of Piko Trading Group which owns four companies namely Pioneer Gases, Quick Gases, Rivonia Gases, and City Center Freight. Besides himself, no other board member of any of these companies is known. Even after his tragic death, none of his companies has released a statement saying anything about the death of the CEO. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it is very UNUSUAL for multimillion-dollar companies to have no known bureaucracy and to deffer an opportunity to publicly mourn their CEO.
  2. Piko Trading Group and all its subsidiaries sell products and services that are wanted by many people in the countries where they are stationed. USUALLY, for such companies to grow fast they need to have top class systems for marketing and customer support. They say “Companies do not advertise because they are big. They are big because they advertise”. The world’s richest oil and gas tycoon is Mukesh Ambani. His companies do web, gloss, billboard, and other digital forms of marketing. Even Harare-based gas companies like Intergas, BOC Gas, Master Gas Energy, etc have these USUAL attributes of a modern business. However, Piko Trading Group and all its subsidiaries have no website, no officially designated public relations manager, and no network of depots where new and prospective clients can access the product. One wonders how they built and kept a clientele that made the millions. Again, while there is nothing wrong with this, it is very UNUSUAL.

Angitshongo ukuthi ngithini. Phela sekungaze kuthiwe sengithe mina ngingathangani.