Boyfriend To Model Killed In Ginimbi Accident Refuses To Fund Her Burial, “I don’t know what happened so leave me alone”
15 November 2020
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While the country is mourning and still reeling from the death of flamboyant businessman Genius Kadungure, very little attention has been paid to the victims he perished together with.

At the time of his untimely death, Ginimbi as he was popularly known as was with 3 other people, namely Mitchell Amuli known on social media as Moana, Limumba Karim Cazal, a Malawian businessman who was based in South Africa and Alichia Adams, a Mozambican model and social media influencer.

Information on the non Zimbabwean victims or the accident has slowly began to filter through.

Alichia Adams is a bit of mystery since she came from a Lusophone community, meaning her social media fame on the Zimbabwean side was a bit limited. Only those who ran in the same circles as Ginimbi might have known her best.

Alichia Adams perished together with Moana and Karim after Ginimbi’s car exploded when a fire broke out.

She was burnt beyond facial recognition and the police had to pull out her charred remains from the car.

A picture has surfaced on social media of a man who is believed to be the late Alichia Adams’ boyfriend.

The man has only been identified as Lima, the how and when about him is still a mystery.

Lima is said to have refused to pay the funeral costs of Alicia Adams after the family approached him saying

“Where was she and what did she do? who was she with? She talked to me and said she’d be back week before, that didn’t happen, I don’t know what happened so leave me alone”

It’s not clear if Alicia Adams’ body has been repatriated yet, as there were reports that DNA tests had to be carried out to confirm if it was her body indeed.