Ginimbi Bought Me A Nice-Pink-Tracksuit: Maxwell Chikumbutso
15 November 2020
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The technology innovator, Maxwell Chikumbutso has written celebrating the life of the late businessman Genius Kasungure, describing him as his mentor.

Ginimbi, died in an accident early Sunday morning on Domboshawa -Borrowdale road.

The late Ginimbi with Maxwell Chikumbutso

In his post published late Sunday, Chikumbutso said he had at the time of death appointed the socialite the chief executive officer of his company.

He said:

Death has humbled me today, my friend, my younger brother, one of my mentors and our CEO at Saith Group is no more. After a successful zoom meeting yesterday I updated you of the meeting and how successful it was since you failed to connect due to high turnout. I never thought that was the last time we would talk Genius. You said “Mrungu we will be the first young billionaires in Zimbabwe.”

We laughed and later you said you are off to the Club brother promising to meet on Monday for a Board meeting.

You left us Ginimbi it’s very painful to imagine that you are gone man, when we met in prison I was preaching. We spent time, talked then we become brothers we would talk about business while in Prison. You got released on bail early but you would come back to see me, bringing me food.

The day I got released from Central Remand Prison you came with Rolls Royce Ghost to fetch me home. You came the next day to fetch me at our family house in Kuwadzana then we went to Marondera to see Daniella.

Those were great moments man, later I asked you to become Saith Group CEO in USA we later traveled together we met with Foster and Kimberly Gumble in Santa Cruz.

You drove in a Tesla Model S and told me that you will import one. While in New York you bought you[me] nice pink tracksuit, you told me that I should dress well man and gave me people who would escort me shopping. We did a lot in business together man, even while you were in Prison early this year I would bring you documents to sign also working on USA PR.

When we came back from USA You asked me to design Dreams Night Life which took a lot of money and I remember when you told me “Max if people fail to come to this bar, I will use it alone wangu”. Later we redesign your home in Domboshava, you had a smart eye on finer things in life bro. I told you about 9D VR then you told me to design it for you. You would love being there always enjoying the effects. You left me with pain Ginimbi, Safe journey my guy!!

May your soul rest in eternal peace Ginimbi.