LEAKED: Mai Titi Phonecall Audios Plotting To Electrocute Harare BusinessWoman.
15 November 2020

In the recorded audios, a voice fitting Mai Titi’s communication is heard plotting her attack for Mapalo Gardens, which is at 22 Lower Hampden Road, Marlborough, Harare.

The conversation with the alleged assassin is as follows:

Agent: there is no way that they will see me, it won’t happen, they will never see me. Don’t fear a thing, rely on me, don’t fear anything.

Mai Titi: Alright, if you can do it in the morning, it’s bho zvekuti, you can then come to the airport to meet me, and I will sort you out, because this person is getting too inflated too much. They are now too inflated.

Mai Titi: But I don’t want them to see you, if they see you they will become alert.

Agent: Are you now doubting me these days? We are literally there right now where … Isn’t it the place is called Mapalo Gardens? This is where I m standing right now. But this person will be electrocuted tomorrow morning. Wait, let me do my logistics. let me do my logistics, but this person is being electrocuted in the morning. For now we are just doing negotiations. for now we shall just be negotiating, but when we get to the morning, that is when we will finish this person. But you must rely on me, you must trust me.

Mai Titi: But if there is nothing you’ve done, it helps nothing. At the offices, they just do their thing, they don’t have offices. They are at their house where they do their events. So now, how will they be caught? Will you be able to do the catch? Is there any more hope? Is there any hope? I don’t think there’s any hope? Because if there is an excuse maybe by now they are now aware. You see? I will give you fuel money no problem, because I was always landing tomorrow, I am landing but I don’t know if this hit job will work.