Agricultural Staff Workers Plead For COVID-19 Risk Allowances
17 November 2020

Zimbabwe Agricultural Professional and Technical Association (ZAPTA)

Office 14 1st Floor

Bible House, 99 Mbuya Nehanda


Email: [email protected]

11 November 2020

Ministry of Finance

Attention: Professor Mthuli Ncube  


Zimbabwe Agricultural Professional and Technical Association (ZAPTA) would like to express its concerns over 10% risk allowances that your Ministry has committed to offer to all government teachers. It’s a noble idea and appreciated.

ZAPTA represent members in the Ministry of Agriculture in which you join hands with in order to meet economic objectives through improvement of agricultural production and enhancement of food security.

Members in the ministry have been working since the beginning of the pandemic. Our members are the drivers of the Pfumbvunza programme since its inception and this gives us confidence in this request.

This have seen the nation progressing in its initiatives in combating hunger and starvation. This attract the need to offer COVID-19 risk allowances to agricultural staff as well.

Your good Ministry is known of striving towards uplifting its stakeholders which also include agricultural employees. So many times agricultural employees have been left out yet they are the one feeding the nation.

As ZAPTA we propose for at least 50% of risk allowance since we have been interacting with farmers since the pandemic of COVID-19 started. The salary increment announced by the government is far less our expectations.

It is just a drop in an ocean. The increase is procedural defective and grossly insufficient in quantum.  

Zapta is also requesting to meet your office with immediate effect for discussion that may pave way for resolving other issues related to agricultural staff. We look forward to hear your response from our letter.

Your cooperation and consideration shall be greatly appreciated.


Zivaishe Zhou

Zapta Secretary General