Motorist Crashes Into Ginimbi Mansion Wall
17 November 2020

A motorist who was among mourners at Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s mansion hit the late socialite’s brick wall and sped off from the scene.

The unidentified motorist hit another mourner’s parked vehicle before smashing into the mansion wall.

One of the eye witnesses told H-Metro that the unidentified motorist destroyed the precast wall while reversing to avoid security guards who were manning the place.

“It is sad that the motorist destroyed the mansion precast security wall together with another parked vehicle belonging to one of the mourners and sped off,” said the eye witness.

“I am not sure if that motorist deliberately targeted the walls but from the look of things he was reversing at a fast speed to avoid security guards after he hit one of the parked vehicles.

“A number of people who failed to find their way into the mansion because of the limited number returned to their homes refusing to follow proceedings from the tents.

“I am still wandering why the motorist decided to disappear from the scene following that mishap considering the damage he had caused,” said the eye witness.

A security guard armed with a dog was quickly deployed to the destroyed area as people were about to use the way to get inside the mansion.-H-Metro

Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure