ZIMTA Says It Will Not Attend To Teachers Who Will Be Fired For Failing To Return For Duty
17 November 2020
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ZIMTA offices in Harare.

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association, ZIMTA, has warned that teachers who will not return for duty at the instigation of other Teachers. Unions will be left alone when goverment dismisses them.

The Union which on Monday agreed to a salary offer while other unions rejected it says teachers caught “breaking the law” at the instigation of the unions they joined saying their unions will not assist them in the event that they get retrenched.

The unions have been influencing teachers to reject government salary offers which they said were insignificant given the deteriorating state of affairs.

ZIMTA wrote on Facebook:

Our Beloved Members

ZIMTA exists for many things. Mostly to promote , advance and protect the needs of teachers, and as such we will not stand by and watch as some vulnerable teachers lose their jobs, or salaries, or livelihood, due to some undue pressure from unrecognized, unorganized social media groups who continue to urge you to break the LAW.

Please be warned, these groups will be nowhere to be found in your time of need. Move with the professionals, move with US.