“Trump Promised An Elixir For Their Racial Anxiety”: Said Obama. Thank God Democracy Trump Only Lasted One Term
18 November 2020
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By Wilbert Mukori- It was as if my very presence in the White House had triggered a deep-seated panic, a sense that the natural order had been disrupted,” CNN quoted an excerpt from former US President Barack Obama upcoming memoir, A Promised Land.

“For millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House, [Trump] promised an elixir for their racial anxiety.”

Obama has said many insightful things and that is up there in the top ten in my view. 

President Donald Trump’s four years in office has been divisive and his handling of the corona virus pandemic has been a complete disaster. The Trump administration’s sheer incompetence in the handling of the virus turned a crisis into a catastrophe of Biblical proportion. 

As of today, 17 November 2020, 11.3 million Americans had the corona virus and 248 424 have died of the virus. The bill for the damage to corona virus has done to the economy is yet to come. Of all the developed country; indeed America is the most developed and prosperous nation on earth; and yet America has the worst per capita corona virus cases and deaths. The worst by a long country mile! 

The November 2020 USA elections where going to be a referendum of Trump’s handling of the corona virus. The corona virus cases were once again rapidly increasing in line with the dreaded second wave of infection and there was no vaccine, something Trump had promised repeatedly ever since the outbreak. (The first promising vaccine was announced days after the voting day, 3rd November.)

Donald Trump polled 70.7 million votes, more votes than Barack Obama or any other winning American President in recent memory, and still he lost to Joe Biden who polled 74.9 million votes. 

Trump had galvanised his support base and they turned out to vote for him in droves. The white supremacist primeval instinct, the driving force behind the slave trade for which many lives were sacrificed to end it. Even long after slavery was abolished the racist instinct have resurfaced again and again. 

Former President Barack Obama is right, the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 was a knee-jerk reaction many of the white supremacist to America’s election of a black person into White House. For the next four years Trump had shown he had no time for all the political niceties of racial harmony emboldening the white supremacist to no end. By the time of the November 2020 elections the white supremacist were invigorated and determined to see their man re-elected for “Four more years!” 

Trump’s disastrous track record on America’s standing with the rest of the free world, his handling of the deadly corona virus still wrecking havoc to the nation’s health and economy, etc.; all matter not at all. One does not reason with the KKK, the organisation would have never ever existed if the members were rational!

Trump lost the 3rd November 2020 elections because he did not only galvanised his white supremacist base but he also galvanised all the Americans out there who realised he stood for the return of the KKK and the public lynching of blacks for no other reason than the colour of the sick. The cold blooded murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota; the shooting dead of Breonna Taylor and many other blacks by the Police, the very people who should be protecting them: was the wake-up call for the ant-Trump base. It certainly hardened their resolve to vote him out on 3rd November. 

Yes Trump lost the November 2020 elections but it was a close call. 

Now that the white supremacist’s primeval instincts have been awakened who know how long it will take the beast back in the cage again and what mischief they will cause until then. 

President Donald Trump’s epitaph: All he ever did was stoke America’s racial divide for selfish gain. Thank God and democracy he only served one term!