Armed Robbers Pounce On Sleeping Couple
19 November 2020
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By A Correspondent- A man and his wife from Pumula South suburb escaped death by luck after armed robbers pounced at their house during the night and hit them several times with an unspecified object before making off with their property.

The incident happened recently when two unidentified men armed with a machete, axe and a log descended on Weston Govera (32)’s home and attacked him with a log all over the body. They left him wailing in pain.

A source close to investigations said the robbers tied him to a bed.

“They tied him to a bed with a rope and went for his wife Levin Chiyangwa. They took turns to attack her with open hands while demanding cash. Fearing for her life Chiyangwa led them to a wardrobe and took USD$110-00 and $300-00 which she surrendered to them,” said the source.

The source went to say they sternly warned her not to scream after that they stuffed a cloth into her mouth.

The accused persons went on to ransack the house and got away with a 32-inch plasma television, four cell phones, Samsung A10, G-Tel MX4 and Mobicel R6, a television remote control and two adaptors.

Chiyangwa untied her hubby before they headed to a police station where they made a report. Govera was rushed to hospital where he has since been discharged.

Police confirmed the incident and noted that investigations were under way to bring the robbers to book.