19 November 2020
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | The belief that money can be made from supernatural powers is spread worldwide. Many cultures have their own belief on how to make money. In England there is what they call St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day conjures images of leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. Of course, the Irish aren’t the only ones with superstitions centering on money and wealth.

Many cultures have traditions centering on colors, symbols, and other harbingers of wealth and prosperity. From Turkey to Trinidad and Tobago, we’ve uncovered money beliefs from around the world.

But in Zimbabwe the death of Genius Ginimbi Kadungure exposed the belief in most Zimbabweans that there is a supernatural way of making money. So many people believe that there is a snake which can be owned and can vomit money every day. How this money can link with the reserve bank or American bank as far as serial numbers are concerned is a mystery.

It is sad that we have people in the corridors of power who believe that people prosper because of juju or some supernatural activities. This belief was more pronounced after the death of Ginimbi. Stories came up alleging that Ginimbi had snakes which spewed money every morning. Many had stories which are so absurd and perverse.

For the past few days, social media has been awash with strange theories of how and why Ginimbi and his friends died. Some believe that Ginimbi is still alive hiding somewhere. There are several conspiracy theories and speculations being put across which makes it totally surprising that this day and age we have people who believe that money grows on trees.

The sad thing is that most of the peddled theories concludes that the death of Ginimbi was not natural and self-inflicted but something to do with either spiritual forces or politically motivated assassination.
The first hashed voices pointed at the Vice President Chiwenga. People said Ginimbi was a pillar behind Mary Chiwenga and her financier. So his death could have been engineered by the Vice President out of rage. There has been a talk of two bullets halls on the car. All these conspiracies are cheap mischievous just rumour being peddled to tarnish the image of the good Vice president. Chiwenga has all beautiful ladies at his disposal. He is the one who divorced Mary so he has no tears to shed for her and he can never stoop so low as to kill a financier.

Ginimbi killed himself because of his carelessness. What do you expect. The man was at a party the whole night with girls drugs and alcohol a lot of it. He then gets in one of the most powerful cars very fast cars. In his sleep and tiredness he takes control of the fastest car on a horrible road driving at 180miles per hour. What can you expect from this. Genius was very reach he worked very hard but there were two things which came together and formed a bomb. This was money and lack of education. This indeed was a disaster and Genius was an accident waiting to happen.

In our social rumours please leave Chiwenga out of this. He is not that petty and he can never kill for a woman.

Chiwenga is blessed with handsomeness and power and can never shed blood for love. If there is anyone who could have killed will be the rejected dumped wife not Chiwenga.
When Ginimbi went out to enjoy some drinks and drugs and women with friends, drives home at high speed, what does one expect will happen.
Ginimbi has a flit of flashy fast cars if not flashiest and fastest cars in the world which in no doubt reflect his need and appetite for speed and classy. He was a heavy drinker who partied almost every day. We all saw the video in which he was leaving for the party confirming that he was going to drink heavily.

We all saw some previous videos of his reckless and speeding habits in the Zimbabwean dangerous narrow roads, always putting himself and others at risk. Ginimbi allowed reason to escape him, and people ignore all this and point fingers on the innocent VP. Ginimbi died from excitement, drunken driving, over speeding and recklessness.

“We surprisingly choose to ignore eyewitness accounts that he was speeding and tried to overtake several cars without considering oncoming vehicles, we choose to implicate other things.” Commented Garikayi Mananje. He continued to say “why do we surely think Ginimbi was a superhuman, a man who could be that reckless, break all the rules possible and get away with it entirely. Have we ever considered that his behaviour and habits on the road was just a ticking time bomb? Don’t you think we are in the right class but learning wrong lessons from this event. Instead of learning not to drink and drive, to respect other drivers on the road, to maintain stipulated speed limits and to be responsible”he continued in his rhetoric comments “What is it that Ginimbi had, to be considered as a genius on the road who can never crush no matter how fast he goes, how drunk he is and how reckless he is driving when we have seen specially trained formular one drivers, sobber and driving special cars in specially designed speed roads crushing? There are a lot of reckless and irresponsible drivers like him who will keep doing what they are doing because they are learning wrong lessons yet they are in the right class.” Concluded Mananje.
Ginimbis death is therefore not political neither was it spiritual. His money was neither spiritual nor was he using a Nigerian snake to make money. Ginimbi worked for his money and never sat down waiting for money to grow on trees.

We must learn to take every loss seriously because life of a rich man is as important as that of a poor one. Ginimbi’s juju which went viral but never seen gave us these lessons that
Many of us are creatures of mindfulness and habit who inherently create rituals in our day-to-day lives. Whether our rituals are intentional and useful or senseless and counterproductive is entirely under our control. Our rituals even have the power to attract what we want most, from a calm mind to a strong body to a fat wallet.

Ginimbi love him or hate him had followed his rituals religiously. His rituals are

1. Get up earlier than you want to. Our whole lives we’ve been told that the early bird gets the worm, so make like a bird and get that bread. Of course just waking up with the sun isn’t enough, but it sets the tone for the day. You are a focused money magnet who will do whatever it takes to stay on track today. That was Ginimbis first ritual. He believed in being in charge and most of his work he does it alone even to the extend of overriding his manager. This had nothing to do with juju or any Nigerian snake.

2. Ginimbi set his intentions through visualization. A calm mind is a clean slate where you can draw up what you want to see in life. During those sleep morning minutes, Ginimbi focused on what his ideal life looks like and how money is a part of it. Scrolling Instagram and twitter totally qualifies as visualization between so long as his feed was inspiring and a reflection of his mindset.He lived the life he wanted and he managed it.

3. Ginimbi dressed for the wealth he wanted. Wearing his most powerful clothes made him feel confident and stylish, but this was not about him. When people saw him dressed they way they assume wealthy people dress then they knew he was one of them. It’s an easy way to appear organized, successful, and affluent—even if you aren’t yet. Act as if. Ginimbi lived successful dressed successful and died successful.

4 Ginimbi created a money mantra. He attracted wealth. He will find some new opportunities to make money. He deserved abundance. Mantras focus your unconscious mind and send out the energy into the universe that will be returned.

5. Ginimbi was not jealousy and was not envious. Envy is wanting what someone else has and jealousy is fearing that you’re going to lose what you’ve got.

We must remember that Genius took time to share what’s his freely with people who aren’t as fortunate. However far-him to go on the path to wealth, someone would kill to be in his spot.
While these rituals won’t make money instantly appear in his bank account, they set him straight on the course toward wealth. Ginimbi Embraced a little bit of magical thinking and opened himself up to what the world offered him. He took the chance and made it in life. One thing we learnt from Ginimbi is that in death your relatives will be busy fighting for your wealth. Not even one will be worried about you.

So this wa Ginimbi’s juju. He treated it well. He lived his life to the full and he enjoyed it.

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