LIVE- Interviewing State Security Minister
19 November 2020
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By Simba Chikanza | Last week Wednesday, State Security Minister Owen Ncube was heard telephoning one of his Personal Assistants, a Provincial Intelligence Officer, saying, bring me my Herald newspaper over to Kwekwe.

The PIO who’s name was not immediately available) had to drive from Harare to Kwekwe to drop the newspaper to Kwekwe.

He then ordered the PA, “I want you here in two hours with my newspaper.”

The PA ended up rushing to go purchase a newspaper and drive down all the way to the Midlands province in a rush obeying the minister’s orders.

After that, Minister Ncube then said of the officer, “vafana ava vakapusa vanofunga kuti vakadzidza saka tirikuvamhanyisa nema newspaper.”

The PA was forced to drive all the way to Kwekwe to bring a newspaper which he doesn’t even read.

The development has brought questions in the minister’s suitability for the job.

Minister Owen Ncube who doesn’t have O Level papers, responded to in the following brief interview”……

QUESTIONS – Honourable Mudha makadii, …. shef, ndinonzi Simba Chikanza,

1. You appear to be more efficient on your job than all other State Security ministers since 1980, what’s your secret to success in the job?

2. Considering your predecessors had degrees, does education matter for the top job?

3. Ndirikuda ku clarifier a story over your announcement on sending your PIO last Wednesday from Harare to Kwekwe to bring a newspaper all the way from capital city. Was that not a waste of public funds?

Minister Mudha answered with a brief chuckle, “haaa, I am not allowed to speak to the press,” he said.

But we have interviewed previous state security ministers with no problems, why now?, he was asked. To which he replied with the same,

“I am not allowed to speak to the Press. ” He said before quickly putting the phone down