Poll: Who Should Bury Moana And How?
20 November 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Michelle “Moana” Amuli

THE burial of late fitness trainer, video vixen and model Michelle “Moana” Amuli has yet again been stopped at the 11th hour on Friday morning as family wrangles continue to take centre stage.

Her burial was initially set for Wednesday at Zororo Park Cemetery along Seke Road and was later moved to Thursday and again to Friday before being called off again as her parents could not agree on religious rites and burial site.

The Amuli family continues to rob Moana of a decent send-off as they clash over the manner in which the late video vixen should be buried. Her father wants her daughter to have a Muslim burial, while the mother`s side wants to lay her to rest following Christian conventions.

Moana was brought up by her father after her mother left her as a baby in the custody of the father.

Moana clashed with her father two years ago when she turned into a party animal contradicting her father’s Muslim beliefs. He subsequently kicked her out of the family home.

When she died, her mother’s family hijacked the mourning to her mother’s Highfields home and barred her father’s family from attending.

The family has since dragged each other to court to decide on who should bury her.

Moana had just celebrated her 26th birthday when the Roll Royce Wraith that was being driven by Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure crashed and burst into flames along the Borrowdale Road in the capital a fortnight ago.

Moana died in the horrific accident that also claimed the lives of socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Malawian businessman Limumba Karim and Mozambican model Alicha Adams.

Who do you think should be allowed to bury her remains?