Another Child Murdered
21 November 2020
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A 38-year-old Rusape man is alleged to have murdered his 10-year-old son who had become epileptic and buried his body in the forest without following the necessary cultural rites.

Daniel Sarapo of Kanyangira village under Chief Makoni is alleged to have fatally assaulted his son, Devine while trying to force him to take a bath.

The matter only came to light when the grandmother of the victim visited her other son in Kuwadzana, Harare, who directed her to report the matter to the police, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi revealed.

The grandmother of the victim visited the suspect, Daniel Sarapo, to inform him that his son was no longer going to school as he was now epileptic.

The suspect allegedly heated some water and tried to force the victim to a bath. He assaulted the victim using a plank and the grandmother, who had gone out, came back later and found Devine Sarapo dead.

The suspect is alleged to have secretly buried the body in a forest without observing the usual cultural rites in the company of 10 other people.