Ginimbi’s Father, Brother And Sister Set to Inherit Empire
21 November 2020
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By A Correspondent| The late controversial businessman Genius Kadungure is believed to have registered all his assets inclusive of vehicles and properties under a trust, with his father, brother and sister set to benefit from the empire which will now be superintended by a retired army colonel, a source close to the family has revealed.

According to the source, lawyers including the seasoned Jonathan Samkange are in possession of Ginimbi’s will and will reportedly gather his family members soon to announce how his estate will be handled.

The source said Ginimbi’s father Anderson Kadungure will get 10 percent of his company shares, which will guarantee him 10 percent share of profits from the companies.

Ginimbi’s married sister who was with him when he started Sankayi Night club now Dreams will reportedly get 30 percent.

The lion’s share of 60 percent will go to his young brother who is still in university, the source told ZimEye.

As for the cars, the source said Ginimbi decided that none should be sold but used by the family for personal and business purposes.

His father is not yet aware of the contents of the will and is already preparing himself to take over the running of his businesses.

“Before Ginimbi’s burial, a retired army colonel who was managing his security company and now the overally in charge of Piko Holdings assembled all the managers running the late socialite’s companies including Dreams Night club and Pioneer Gas among others to assure them that they will continue with their current roles.

“He also took them (the managers) to the Kadungure family for introductions.

“After the CEO had introduced all the managers, Ginimbi’s father said something like, hoo saka ndo team yandinenge ndichishanda nayo iyi (so this is the team I will be working with),” said the source.

Ginimbi is believed to have clearly indicated to his lawyers that his father should only get his 10 percent share profit while at home and is not allowed to interfere in the running of his businesses.

Ginimbi and his father did not have a cordial relationship after he together with his siblings were reportedly subjected to emotional abuse when they were still young including watching their mother being forced off the bed to accommodate a girlfriend.

Ginimbi died on the 8th of November morning after his expensive Rolls-Royce Wraith collided with a Honda Fit along Borrowdale road.

Three other passengers in his car including top model Mitchell Amuli populaly known as Moana and two foreigners Limumba Karim and Alisha Adams were burnt recognition when the car caught fire after hitting a tree.