MDC Alliance Assembly Of Women Defends Hon Hwende
21 November 2020
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Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance Assembly of Women has accused Zanu PF of trying to cause chaos in the popular movement by soiling party Secretary General Charlton Hwende’s image.

The MDC Alliance of Women has also endorsed the outcome of the “Tendai Masotsha Inquiry” presented by the Investigation Committee.

See statement below:


The MDC Alliance Assembly of Women welcomes the decision of the Bulawayo Province AOW Chair, Tendai Masotsha inquiry by the Investigation Committee.

Leader Masotsha has been exonerated from the allegations that she aided Tawanda Muchehiwa’s abduction in July.

The committee found no evidence to the allegations and we are satisfied with the internal process and the brief prepared by the committee which was appointed by the National Council.

The Chairlady has been cleared and she can now freely execute her duties as the Chairperson.

We also believe that the Secretary General, Hon Charlton Hwende has no personal interest in the outcome of the case and was not part of the investigation committee.

He has only acted in the best interest of the collective decision by defending the National Council to appoint the Investigating Committee which comprised of experts within the party.

We are also aware that the attack on the person of SG Hwende is not aimed at him as an individual but it is a deliberate ploy to bring the MDCA into disrepute .

We continue to defend and support the party in every progressive decision made and we plead with sympathizers and supporters of the party to always dialogue with us on matters relating to the assembly in efforts to find inclusive solutions to the challenges that our party may face, we are here to listen and to serve you. Masotsha is a victim of state sponsored repression who equally deserves our support.

We also demand justice for all victims of state sponsored abductions and torture including Tawanda Muchehiwa who is still recovering from gruesome torture .

ZANU PF is the main culprit in the instigation of state sponsored violence and repression, so we will not be distracted by sideshows in our collective act to demand the respect of Human Rights in Zimbabwe.

We take this opportunity to wish Ldr Masotsha well in taking Bulawayo Province to greater heights in terms of mobilising women for MDC Alliance during these trying times.

We believe in the able leadership of President Nelson Chamisa as we continue to fight for a people’s government.

Monica Mukwada
Secretary – MDC Alliance Assembly of Women

MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende