If We Don’t Fight For Our Children’s Future Nobody Will Do It For Us-Hopewell Chin’ono
22 November 2020
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By Hopewell Chin’ono

What we are fighting for today is our children’s future!

I am 49 years old, my generation has had its time destroyed by this repugnant regime!

It is not about myself, but the millions of Zimbabweans without clean drinking water in townships, your relatives dying without medical care in their homes and the millions of jobless youth watching the sun goes by due to corruption!

You reap what you sow, if you sow stupidity and idiocy following side shows, that is what you will reap, and that is how you will be defined as!

This is not Hopewell’s fight, the anti-corruption struggle is a fight for every Zimbabwean with a brain!

So when you hear them say “…why doesn’t he keep quiet?”
It means that they don’t grasp what this is about!

I am not going to lower my standard to accommodate mediocrity, or a corrupt lifestyle that gives up on moral uprightness whilst it destroys millions of citizens who live in penury!

As I slept on the floor with 2 blankets in Chikurubi Prison, knowing that I have a comfortable home in Chisipite, I did it knowing that the future will be kind to my efforts when I am gone!

I don’t live for today, I live for tomorrow, for what I will leave behind when I am gone!

I can’t stay away from being a journalist because that is who I am, a journalist!

NoToCorruption. #NoToPoliricalPersecution

Hopewell Chin’ono